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Welcome to Dallas

Sandra Stallings  |  Managing Director

Welcome to the BLX Dallas office, located in the heart of the great state of Texas. We are one of the largest BLX offices, staffed with highly experienced individuals who have specialized in arbitrage rebate for many years.

From coast to coast, we offer clients a wide spectrum of consulting and advisory services. We are active in many regional conferences, host webinars, and are available to speak before your group and staff on our areas of expertise.

Whether your needs include arbitrage rebate compliance, post-issuance compliance services, or swap monitoring and advisory, we can assist you with comprehensive services that offer both solutions and results.

Here is how you can contact any of the BLX Dallas team:

Sandra Stallings
214 989 2701

Kristin Cragg
214 989 2708

Amber Fairless
214 989 2721

Ashley Glover
214 989 2722

Jennifer Heinsbroek
214 989 2716

Allen Hueston
214 989 2724

Matt Hunt
214 989 2720

Jessica King
214 989 2713

Kelli Kubicki
214 989 2717

Christi McKnight
214 989 2704

Amber Rhodes
214 989 2718

Greg Rowan
214 989 2705

Alexis Zuber
214 989 2706

2711 North Haskell Avenue
Suite 2600 SW, Lockbox 35
Dallas, Texas 75204

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