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We look forward to seeing you at conferences throughout the State and Region in 2017!

Welcome to Tampa

Erik Dingwall  |  Managing Director

Welcome to the BLX Tampa office - home of the third largest city in the Southeastern United States and expanding. We are pleased to be working with and consulting for many municipalities, counties, and schools throughout the Southeast.

From Coral Gables, to Savannah, New Orleans to Knoxville, we offer clients a wide spectrum of consulting and investment advisory services. We are active in many regional conferences, and welcome opportunities to speak before your group and staff on our areas of expertise. Whether your needs might be arbitrage rebate compliance, post-issuance compliance, or swap advisory services, we can help you with comprehensive services that offer both solutions and results.

Here is how you can contact any of the BLX Tampa team:

Erik Dingwall
813 872 6147

Sean Loughran
813 872 6965

Melissa Wohlleber
813 872 6984

Doug Majors
813 872 6980

4010 West Boy Scout Boulevard
Suite 280
Tampa, FL 33607

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