Investment Advisory Services

BLX is a registered investment adviser and has been providing investment advisory services to governmental and non-profit entities since 2001 with a special emphasis on investing bond and similar proceeds. BLX provides structured products and defeasance escrow advisory services as well as bidding services using BLXBID™, a proprietary bidding platform, to conduct competitive sealed bid auctions for acquiring defeasance escrows and structured products.

As part of each investment advisory engagement, we fully consider the characteristics of the funds to be invested taking into account investment policies, governing bond documents, arbitrage rebate status, and the client’s investment experience, to prepare a summary of investment options. We assist the client in evaluating each option, including a comparison of the relative risks and rewards, in light of current market conditions and what those conditions imply about future expectations.

Once the client approves of an investment strategy, BLX undertakes all the necessary steps to execute the investment on behalf of the client. BLX prepares detailed term sheets, reviews documentation, consolidates bidding and otherwise coordinates all aspects of an investment transaction to ensure successful and timely closing.

Potential investment providers are invited to competitively bid for investment transactions. The winning Investment providers are selected through a competitive sealed bid auction process and to ensure the highest level of integrity, BLX utilizes a proprietary web-based bidding platform,

Independence: BLX does not bid on investments nor act as principal in any investment transaction. We are an independent investment adviser and undertake our responsibilities to clients with a fiduciary level standard of care.

For more information please contact:

Eric Chu
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Amy Kron
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Portfolio Asset Management Services

Please note, BLX’s Portfolio Asset Management operations were acquired by Public Trust Advisors ("PTA"), effective March 31, 2016. BLX and PTA maintain a strategic working relationship in order to provide our clients with a complete range of investment options and services.

For more information please contact:

Glenn Casterline
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